Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation

A government-owned company, entrusted to lead the IMPLEMENTATION OF SARAWAK’S DIGITAL ECONOMY initiatives.



Technology Services

Capitalise on industry-standard platforms in order to provide relevant consultancy services, including digital and analytics consultancy to the private sector.

Digital Economy Project Rollout & Consultancy

Rollout of economic sectors’ commercial projects in partnership with MNCs, SMEs, private sector and leverage on industry partnerships and experienced leadership.​

Research & Product Development

Engage in research, accelerate innovation and commercialisation of new IPs into private and public sectors through the Centre of Excellence (CoE).

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Enhance the development of the local start-up ecosystem through innovation, entrepreneurship education, and acceleration programs in the Digital Village.


Centre of Excellence For Digital Economy

Centre Of Excellence for Digital Economy is powered by Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation which engages in research and development under digital sectors.

Sarawak Digital Economy Research Grant

Sarawak Digital Economy Research Grant is established to spur research and development activities that are aligned with the Digital Economy initiatives.

Sarawak Digital & Innovation Ecosystem

An innovation ecosystem that provides services and opportunities for startups including co-working spaced, development programs, funding and investment opportunities.

Sarawak Digital Economy Testbed

A Testbed is an open innovation platform for university researchers, startups and solution providers to explore, experiment and develop use cases that will accelerate knowledge transfers.